A note on my Schemas

The structure of my schemas is borrowed heavily from Paul Dowling. If I am using this structure in a way that he doesn’t approve of or recognise as being helpful, then I apologise to him.

They are not two-way tables. They are a continuous two-dimensional plane (a vector cross product if you are mathematically inclined). One’s practice could be identified as being anywhere on the plane.

Identifying where one’s practice is can inform one’s teaching. For example, I will look at the schema I produced for assessment and identify where one of my recent sequence of lessons was with a red dot:

red dot.png

It is helpful for me to attend to where my teaching practice was for this sequence of lessons. In this example I can see that the way I taught it didn’t result in as much learning as their could have been. I can now look at how I taught it and try to improve it for next time.



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