Becoming an Assistant Headteacher

Thoughts on being part of an SLT by Gary King

Gary King


As I enter my final week as an Assistant Headteacher, I’ve begun to reflect upon my leadership journey, which, over the last six years has been somewhat of a ‘roller-coaster’. Inspired by a colleague who recently wrote a blog titled ‘How to be a Head of Faculty’ who interestingly, from September, will be stepping up to the position of Assistant Headteacher at my current school, I thought I would offer some pearls of wisdom from my own first-hand experiences in senior leadership.  The title of this blog Becoming an Assistant Headteacher could imply that I am the expert, which is by no means the case. Initially, the biggest challenge I faced was stepping up to senior leadership in my own school, now I know you may think that this is advantageous and in many practical ways it absolutely is. For example, I already knew the students, staff, wider school community, systems, procedures etc…

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