Maths Mastery: What it is

In my last post, I discussed briefly how I couldn’t find an explanation of ‘maths mastery’ that went beyond the banal.

I was pointed in the direction of Bruno Reddy’s excellent discussion of the way he set out his curriculum at King Soloman’s Academy. Albeit that this is an excellent example, I contend that this is a positioning of how to teach maths, rather than something that needs it’s own new name. I’m sure that heads of department have been designing their curriculums from time immemorial with the intention of all students mastering maths, and I don’t think Bruno Reddy is the first by any stretch to have actually achieved something approaching this.

However, Mark McCourt then showed me his diagram representing a summary of maths mastery in its entirety. I think this representation justifies the use of the term ‘maths mastery’ and conveniently for me, it complements and clearly elucidates the way I have been thinking about teaching maths. I am looking towards my vision for how I would run a maths department, and I would base my curriculum planning on this.

With thanks to Mark and La Salle Education, I am reproducing the diagram here and I will be attending the Complete Maths Conference 8 to hear Mark expand on the idea:

Mark McCourt Mastery Learning Cycle.png



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