An extract from a letter to my favourite teacher

I really enjoy writing, I like trying to find the right word and right collection of words to express my thoughts. So, regardless of what happens in my life, I am going to carry on writing.
In terms of an MA and PhD, I’ll be honest with myself and say I would love to do both. However, first I would want to express everything that’s been on my mind for a number of years, and I haven’t been able to write about, for whatever reasons. So a couple of years of writing my blog regularly would need to precede starting an MA.
The only way I would want to start an MA was if a school was prepared to pay for me to do one whilst being, say a 2ic. This seems to me to be unlikely, but still possible. I would then want to do a PhD whilst still working and continuing to improve my teaching practice. Eventually I would become a Headteacher. It seems to me that the role of a Headteacher in a community is so important and to want to become one is a great and noble aspiration.

Now, I think the chances of all these things happening are very unlikely, if possible. What I will do is continue to enjoy my teaching, and enjoy trying to improve it. And, I will continue to write my blog, try to improve my writing, and continue to engage with educational discourse. Teaching and writing is enough for me. If this is all I do for the rest of my career, then I will be happy. Of course, without the extra stresses on my time that an MA, a PhD and promotions would come with, I can devote more time to my family, friends and interests outside of  education.

Having written this, I have come to the following conclusion: I am happy with what I am doing, if I can manage to get a promotion and an MA whilst still having enough free time to enjoy my family, friends and other interests, then I will pursue those, but that is my test. If these things compromise the quality of my life, then I wouldn’t go for them.

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