Often, I am overwhelmed with ideas: things I want to read, write about, or try. Here are some of my ideas about Teaching:

  • Books I have partially read and want to read more comprehensively: Joe Kirby’s blogs; What if everything you knew about education was wrong by David Didau; Teach Like a Champion 2.0 by Doug Lemov; Trivium21C by Martin Robinson; Key Ideas in Teaching Mathematics by Watson, Jones and Pratt
  • Books I’ve read that I want to write about: Why don’t students like school? by Daniel Willingham; Seven Myths about Education by Daisy Christodoulou; Bad Education by Dylan Wiliam et al
  • Books I want to read: Ouroboros by Greg Ashman; The Knowledge Deficit by Hirsch; What every teacher needs to know about Psychology by David Didau; This much I know about Love over Fear by John Tomsett; Making every Lesson Count by Allison and Tharby; Urban Myths about Learning and Education by Pedro de Bruyckere, Paul A Kirschner and Casper D Hulshof; The Cage Busting Teacher by Frederick Hess; Education is Upside Down by Eric Kalenze; Progressively Worse: the burden of bad ideas in British Schools by Robert Peal; Visible Learning for Teachers by John Hattie; Formative Assessment by Dylan Wiliam


  • Articles/ Research I want to Read: Deans of Impact; Robert Bjork;


  • Blogs I want to read more closely: Joe Kirby’s Pragmatic Education; Greg Ashman’s Filling the Pail; Tom Sherrington’s Headguruteacher; David Didau’s Learning Spy; Daniel Willingham’s Science and Education; .Kris Boulton’s …to the real; Phil Stock’s Must do Better…;
  • Blogs I want to write: Progressives and Traditionalists: what works and why?; Education and Ideology; What works in the classroom with reference to Michaela;


  • Things I want to try out: knowledge organisers and defining a core maths knowledge at KS3 which I think they have done at Michaela; videoing myself and learning about how to improve as a teacher by watching it back, on my own and then with colleagues; assessment: quizlet, diagnostic questions
  • Things I want to get better at: questioning; strategies advocated by Doug Lemov; being calm and authoritative 100% of the time in class; quick, effective marking; being so organised I have planned learning for all my classes for at least two weeks


What other ideas should I be thinking about?


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