Battle Hymn

Excellent from Joe Kirby

Pragmatic Education

All teachers want to inspire their pupils. Every teacher I have ever met has come into the profession because they love children and want to improve their lives.

In England, however, poorer pupils’ life chances have long been blighted by educational underachievement. Over the last sixty years, and still to this day, 22% of school leavers in England leave school functionally innumerate. Just 16% of our poorest children achieve access to University. In many schools in disadvantaged areas, fights happen every day, in and out of lessons, and bullying is rife. Where behaviour is disruptive, teachers can’t teach, and children can’t learn.

We believe schools can change pupils’ lives. Michaela, our secondary school in a deprived area of London, exists to inspire our pupils to love learning our subjects for the rest of their lives. Michaela is named after an inspirational teacher from St Lucia who taught in inner-city London…

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