What we can learn from Core Knowledge and E.D. Hirsch?

Excellent blog on Hirsch by Joe Kirby

Pragmatic Education

The Matthew Effect (25:29)
Learning core factual knowledge holds cumulative advantages
for reading and critical thinking skills.

The haunting parable from the Gospel of Matthew was applied to the educational achievement gap between wealthier and poorer pupils by one of the greatest living education reformers: E.D. Hirsch. The story starts in the U.S, and is becoming increasingly influential in the U.K.

The ‘Massachusetts Miracle’ is that its educational achievement outcompetes every other US state and most other jurisdictions in the world. For instance, the state leads the USA in reading and mathematics on the National Assessment of Educational Progress. It routinely excels even when you control for income and parental income level. Numerous studies from think tanks across the ideological spectrum confirm that gaps in achievement between rich and poor are far smaller in Massachusetts. On the 2005 NAEP tests, Massachusetts ranked first in the US in fourth- and…

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