“That must be wonderful; I have no idea what it means” – Albert Camus

Obfuscation is the enemy of the teacher; clarity is her hero. Get the stopwatches out.

That hour long meeting can be edited to 45 minutes, then 30, then 20. Spend the fifteen minutes of form time on structured revision. If homework can be marked automatically by a computer program, then use it. If 30 teachers are spending an hour a day each phoning home, then implement a systemic change that stops this.

A relentless focus on what works is a must for all schools and teachers. Leave work at 5pm, try leaving at 4, then see what that extra hour is worth spending time on. Schools are about students learning the best that has been thought and said and then acing the exams based on it, whittle away at anything that doesn’t contribute to this.

Lessons are an opportunity for an expert in a subject to impart knowledge to those most in need of it. Clarity is called for.


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