A lot of talk about teaching is nonsense.

Is that harsh? Can I not say that?

I’ve had CPD in a past school that was pure, unadulterated nonsense. The educational consultant presented nothing based on evidence or research and mainly said the word engage quite loudly over and over. This caused a lot of fun to be had at the pub later, but clearly there are serious implications to it as well.

If some of my former colleagues had brought into the consultant’s ideas then I have no doubt they would be taking a backwards step in their practice.

Should this not be called out?

All opinions about teaching are not equally valid.

If there are 100 ideas about how to teach it does not follow that the best way is somewhere in the middle. The best ways to teach are those based on what has been proven to work.

Giving credence to outdated, unhelpful ideas only serves to make things worse for our students.

No one wants to make people feel bad for having an opinion, but far more importantly, no one wants the teaching profession to be suffused with nonsensical ideas just because they sound creative and ‘cool’.

Calling out bad ideas is not hating, it’s helping us all become a better profession.


3 thoughts on “Hating

  1. I agree wholeheartedly here. There are many, many idea that are still being pushed in cpd that have been thoroughly debunked and I feel we need to call them out when we see them.

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  2. And yet, we should be circumspect in how we do it and we should never be so certain that we call people’s ideas ‘rubbish’ to their faces (or their virtual identity). If there is no evidence that what is being touted is real, then we should say that. I’ve no doubt that some things are ‘rubbish’, but with the education world having a long history of getting it wrong with certainty, we need to be cautious with how we treat ideas.


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